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Reclamos por RC Producto.
Entre los rubros que estamos verificando mayor siniestralidad, está el de Responsabilidad Civil Producto. Esta cobertura se está difundiendo en muchos mercados e incluye una gran cantidad y... View More
Colombia Landslides
Our "CAT Team", is composed of over 30 adjusters from our Colombian and Mexican R&G Espinosa offices and members of the EBD Loss Adjusters Alliance, and can travel to the risk area to give priori... View More
Los Riesgos Cibernéticos en la Actualidad Para Negrilla
En la actualidad, los riesgos cibernéticos son una de las principales preocupaciones de cualquier compañía dado el incremento del uso de la tecnología en las operaciones diarias como: depende... View More
Desafíos de la industria del Petróleo
Nuestro artículo de hoy se relaciona con el hallazgo de un gran yacimiento de petróleo en Alaska,un territorio con climas crudos y donde será necesario una gran logística para la extracción,... View More
Factibilidad de siniestros en la época de noviembre enero/febrero
Tal cual lo previsto por nuestro departamento de Ingeniería se plantearon, a raíz de consultas de Aseguradores y Reaseguradores y actores del mercado de Seguros, nuestra visión sobre la factib... View More
Chile sufre los incendios forestales más grandes de la historia
Una crisis de proporciones nunca antes vista se ha desencadenado en la zona centro-sur de Chile, como consecuencia de incendios forestales, que desde mediados de enero a la fecha han destruido al... View More
Explosión del Volcán de Colima
Una impresionate explosión registró el volcán de Colima al filo de las 22:17 el Volcán de Colima, por lo que autoridades locales implementan de inmediato el protocolo de evacuación, para sal... View More
Entrevista de Tiempo de Seguros, uno de los más prestigiosos programas de Seguros locales, a Ernesto Bodenheimer
Por último conversamos con el Ing. Ernesto Bodenheimer, liquidador y titular de IBA Latinoamérica, quien nos explicó la problemática de los incendios en esta época, los casos vinculados a pi... View More
Successfully accomplished in Santiago de Chile, the Second Symposium of the Association of Official Liquidators of Insurance (ALOSI in Spanish) took place on November 23, 2016. This event, title... View More
Incremento de la siniestralidad en época de verano, Fiestas de Navidad y Año Nuevo en países del Cono Sur.
De acuerdo a nuestras experiencias de muchos años, entre los meses de noviembre y febrero de cada año, aumente generalmente la siniestralidad. Estos hechos se producen generalmente al acerc... View More
Powerful 7.6 magnitude earthquake off the coast of Southern Chile
Our Contingency Business Plan has been activated. The quake struck at 14:22 GMT on the island of Chiloe, about 40km (25 miles) south-west of Quellon, the United States Geological Survey (USGS) sa... View More
Reinsurance saved Florida from catastrophic losses
While this year’s storms Hermine and Matthew brought an end to the state’s decade-long hurricane drought, they easily could have been stronger or cut a more destructive path. Indeed, had H... View More
Main problems in the adjustment of claims in mobile machinery (road construction equipment, farming machinery)
This 2016 in Argentina and bordering countries there was a rise in claims in mobile equipment covered by Technical Insurance policies for “contractor’s equipment”. It should be taken into a... View More
Tropical Storm Otto Pulling Away From Central America After a Record Late Hurricane Landfall in Nicaragua
Story Highlights: Otto made landfall Thursday afternoon in southern Nicaragua, and has now crossed into the eastern Pacific Ocean. Otto was the record latest-in-season hurricane landfall a... View More
Tropical Storm Otto is now a Category 1 Hurricane
R&G Espinosa’s previous experience with Tropical Storms in the region have prompted us to place our CAT response team on standby. Our "CAT Team", is composed of 50 adjusters from our local offi... View More
Contingency Business Plan activated. Tropical Storm Otto
Our Contingency Business Plan has been activated. Forecast on Tropical Storm Otto mentions if will gain strength in the next 48 hours with the possibility of becoming a hurricane. Tropical dep... View More
Munich Re-introduced their new TRCM policy.
EBD Loss Adjusters Alliance, Ricardo Espinosa, Ernesto Bodenheimer and Juan Pablo Duhalde, leaders of R&G, EBD and Duhalde, were invited to the launch of this new product. A new challenge that pr... View More
Italy earthquake: historic structures levelled in biggest quake since 1980 Vía The Guardian
Reports say 6.6-magnitude quake felt over wide area including Rome and Naples and as far as Croatia and Slovenia Prime minister Matteo Renzi swore that Italy would rebuild devastated towns and... View More
Duhalde’s Executives get ready for the Chartered Insurance Institute of London (CII) certificate.
Due to the permanent interest to offer excellency in service to their clients and maximise the capacities of its professional conformed team, 4 executives of Duhalde Professional Loss Adjusters h... View More
Latest News on Hurricane Matthew
Update on Hurricane Matthew. Even though the storm weakened overnight, it is still a category three hurricane with sustained winds of 120mph (193km/h) and is bearing down on the US east coast. ... View More
Hurricane Matthew reaches the US
Hurricane Matthew now category 3 is about to hit the Atlantic coast of the US. The hurricane’s center is about 215 miles southeast of West Palm Beach, Fla., and it is moving northwest at 12 mil... View More
Hurricane Matthew Leaves Cuba and Enters Bahamas
Hurricane Matthew, the strongest in the Atlantic in almost a decade just left Cuba behind. Continuing its course towards the Bahamas and into Florida. Matthew, now category 3, made landfall on ... View More
Hurricane Matthew hits Haiti
"It's much too early to know how bad things are but we do know there are a lot of houses that have been destroyed or damaged in the south." Marie Alta Jean-Baptiste, director of Haiti’s Civil P... View More
Update on Hurricane Matthew
As of right now Hurricane Matthew (category 4) holds winds up to 140-mph. This brings a high potential for destruction in Haiti and other islands as it moves north through the Caribbean Sea. ... View More
What is going on with oceanic temperatures?
It’s undeniable, sea surface temperatures have been, lately, alarmingly high. In July, temperatures throughout the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean are record setting with averages over 2 degrees F... View More
Chile’s Association of Adjusters 2016 Award Ceremony
As is a tradition in the Chilean Insurance market, the ALOSI (in Spanish: Association of Insurance Adjusters of Chile) gave out the Executive of the year Award of the Insurance Industry. This... View More
Official Statement on Hurricane Newton
Hurricane "Newton" Category 1 on the Saffir-Simpson scale, has reached the coasts of Baja California Sur, Mexico and maintains maximum sustained winds of 0 mi/h and gusts up to 116 mi/h and its e... View More
Hurricane Newton Updtade: CAT Business Plan Activated.
Due to Hurricane Newton, Our CAT Business Plan have been activated in order to be ready to attend your requirements, in the shortest period of time, when required. At 600 AM MDT (1200 UTC), ... View More
Straight Forward Adjustment Example
Section - Technical Insurance - All Risks Contracts Plant & Equipment. Insuranced property - Harvester Machine John Deere – Model 9660 – Model year 2005 Coverage - Total and partial damag... View More
Vicente Miranda, New Commercial Manager
We are proud to announce Vicente Miranda, Colombian Insurance Professional, is joining R&G Espinosa as Commercial Manager based in our London Office. Vicente has over 20 years experience, hav... View More
Catastrophe Consultancy: Chile's New Non-Traditional Exportation
After 660 casualties left by the earthquake that stroke Ecuador, the country requested help to Chilean experts. The experience that brings being one of the countries where more catastrophies ... View More
Values and Basics of Insurance
“Values and Basics of Insurance” a course conformed of 4 sessions, concluded past Thurday 21st of July in Mexico City thanks to R&G Espinosa. With over 40 participants, diplomas where given a... View More
Claims: Common Mistakes to Avoid
During this year IBA has attended several types of claims: Fire, Engineering Insurances Policies, Pollution Liability, Financial Risk, etc. Throughout our experience, we have been able to spo... View More
New Sub Manager of Property at Duhalde Professional Loss Adjusters
As part of our constant effort to have the best professional team, Duhalde Professional Loss Adjusters has named Mrs. Andrea Sperberg C. as Property Sub Manager starting on the 1st of July this... View More
Third Session, "Insurance Principles"
On Thursday July 7th, the third session of our course “Insurance Principles” was successfully presented by our associate group in Mexico R&G Espinosa. We would like to thank the participation... View More
Nepartak Typhoon Update
Latest update on Super Typhoon Nepartak. The Typhoon has gained strength, turning into a Category 5 Typhoon, reaching sustained wind speeds of 175 mph turning it into a threat for the area. This ... View More
Typhoon Nepartak about to hit Taiwan.
Taiwan is about to face the arrival of Typhoon Nepartak later this week, which could potentially wind currents up to 172 mph, according to the Jount Typhoon Warning Center. Currently at Catego... View More
R&G Espinosa se encuentra dando seguimiento a la Tormenta Tropical "Danielle", ya que se convierte en un riesgo para la población. Todas nuestras oficinas en ... View More
Hoy en día no es raro ver diversos fenómenos como son los días y noches más cálidas y menos frías, mayor frecuencia de días y noches de calor, niveles del mar extremadamente altos (excluid... View More
Viaje a México y Miami, hermosos y concurridos cocktails de nuestro amigo y colega Ricardo Espinosa, a quien felicitamos por el aniversario de 10 años de R&G Espinosa, mientras... View More
10 años de Aniversario celebra R&G Espinosa Internacional Adjusters junto a sus clientes y socios estratégicos de EBD!
Ya se encuentran en México los Ingenieros Juan Pablo Duhalde y Ernesto Bodenheimer para celebrar junto al Presidente de R&G Espinosa, el Sr Ricardo Espinosa sus 10 años de Aniversario.... View More
Juan Pablo Duhalde es elegido Vicepresidente de ALOSI, Asociación de Liquidadores Oficiales de Seguros Independientes en Chile.
Hace pocos días hemos sido honrados con el nombramiento de Juan Pablo Duhalde, nuestro Gerente General , Ingeniero y Liquidador, con más de 18 años de experiencia en la Indus... View More
ZONA O. Seguros involucrados en Puente Cau Cau y Puente Cochabamba. Errores de diseño, cálculo, materiales, deficiencias en la construcción o Responsabilidad Profesionales?
Impresiona conocer los dos casos de infraestructura vial que actualmente están cuestionados como obra civil por mala construcción y errores de cálculo. Nos referimos al tan esperado Puente Cau... View More
"PRINCIPIOS DEL SEGURO" es el curso que dictará en los meses de Mayo y Junio, R&G Espinosa en México.
Especialmente diseñado para el mercado Asegurador y Reasegurador, el próximo 19 de Mayo comienza el curso "Principios del Seguros", organizado por R&G Espinosa, miembro de EBD Alliance. Contare... View More
Terremoto de Magnitud 7.8 en Ecuador. R&G Espinosa activó su Plan de Contingencia!
Ecuador fue afectado por un terremoto de 7.8 grados Richter el pasado 16 de Abril, y las provincias de Manabí, Guayas y Esmeraldas presentan daños considerables. Debido a lo anterior R&G Espi... View More
Cause of big storm, rains and flood in Santiago de Chile, EBD Alliance through his operations in Chile “DUHALDE PROFESSIONAL LOSS ADJUSTERS” has activated the Contingency Plan since last Satu... View More
Visita a la Argentina del presidente de Estados Unidos, Barack Obama, tuvo al desarrollo de las energías renovables como uno de los temas centrales de agenda bilateral.
Le consultamos al Ingeniero Ernesto Bodenheimer de IBA Latinoamérica sobre su opinión respecto a esta noticia y nos cuenta: " Muy importante para el futuro energético de ... View More
R & G Espinosa International Adjusters, reinitiate their training courses for clients!
Part of R & G Espinosa’s commitment is to share our knowledge and experience with our customers , so soon we will restart the training courses that will be presented by top executives of the m... View More
Given the needs of the market to have a company that provides an efficient service with systematic, rigorous and methodical internal processes to attend to massive portfolios, DUHALDE has created... View More
R&G & FONDEN´s claims attention
The Found of Natural Disasters in Mexico (called FONDEN) was established in Mexico in the late 90´s as a budgetary mechanism to support the rehabilitation of federal & state infrastructure damag... View More
IBA Latinoamericana S.R.L has received very interesting appointments during this year 2016, in addition to the losses in course.
As usual, this occurred in the four countries where we develop our activity, namely Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay. These appointments were related to various areas, among which loss... View More
Luis Rodríguez tells us about his experience as an Manager in the legal area of "DUHALDE Professional Loss Adjusters"
Throughout these five years that our Area within DUHALDE has been functioning, we have had to attend to a limitless number of claims of the most varied gamma; from the breakage of piping that aff... View More
Women's Day
R&G Espinosa, IBA latinoamérica and DUHALDE wish you Happy Women´s Day! We wish a day filled with goodness and warmth...and happiness today and forever.... View More
R&G Espinosa welcomes Maria Fernanda Perez, who has been incorporated as Casualty & Financial Lines Manager in Mexico.
Maria Fernanda obtained her lawyer degree at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de México, and has a wide experience as trial attorney in various law firms; She has been in the Insurance Industry... View More
Ricardo Espinosa Client’s Visit in London & Spain
From February 10th to the 16th , the President of R&G Espinosa Ricardo Espinosa traveled to UK & Spain, in order to visit the clients in London Corporate as well as Reinsurers & Brokers, and pres... View More
Juan Pablo tells us about a claim served by his company that reflects the experience of his team.
Interview with Juan Pablo Duhalde, manager DUHALDE PROFESSIONAL LOSS ADJUSTERS.
The challenges that confront the professionals of Duhalde on a daily basis, where one must deal with complex claims and empathize with the various actors involved are served with passion for our ... View More
Article written by the engineer Bodenheimer of IBA Latinoamérica
This is the question that I asked myself when I began my work in the field of Damage Assessment/Adjustment of claims many years ago says the Engineer Ernesto Bodenheimer. At that time I saw pe... View More
As every year in Christmas as per the Mexican Tradition of “Reyes Magos”, R&G Espinosa International Loss Adjusters made some donations.
The first, with toys for children of the Orphanage “Instituto Pro Niñez Mexicana, A.C.”, which attends unprotected children from broken families and homeless kids in Mexico City. The seco... View More
DUHALDE just performed its 2015 assessment and balance sheet projecting a great year in 2016. We expect great and significant challenges!
Having a view of continuous improvement to satisfy our national and international clients, we have performed our annual balance sheet, which motivates us and pleases us with respect to the challe... View More
2015 ended and 2016 began. More than vacations, a lot of work. Some characteristics of these months, November, December and January in our countries: High Temperatures Festivities of Christm... View More
We wish you a great 2016!
2016 will be a year of celebrations. 5 and 10 years of our partners in Latin America.... View More
EBD members, wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016. ... View More
R&G Espinosa International Loss Adjusters broadens its services, attending to claims of Civil Liability in the Transport of Hydrocarbons and Dangerous Substances.
Due to the growing demand of Insurance for Civil Liability in the Transport of Hydrocarbons and Dangerous Substances in Colombia, R&G Espinosa International Adjusters implemented a specific area ... View More
DUHALDE Professional Loss Adjusters and R&G ESPINOSA visit the most important Reinsurers located in Bogota, Colombia.
During this past week, the members of EBD have been invited by SCOR to shares its traditional end of the year Cocktail, where the entire insurer market, adjusters and attorneys and even Dr. Berna... View More
The year 2016 brings strong and ambitious challenges. We are already in our 5th year of work with work and acknowledgement, thanks to our principals, and we are grateful for the trust and constan... View More
R&G Espinosa International Loss Adjusters presented the topic “CAT Claims Management”.
During the event called “Risk Managers AIG 2015” which took place last November 18th, Ricardo Espinosa, President of R&G Espinosa International Loss Adjusters & me... View More
DUHALDE Professional Loss Adjusters acts immediately activating your Contingency Plan when faced with disasters of a great Magnitude.
The Earthquake in Chile in September of this year was the most powerful earthquake in the world in the year 2015. With an epicenter 36 kilometer to the west of Canela Baja, Region of Coquimbo... View More
IBA, a member of EBD, gave a presentation at FIDESEG
In recent days, the engineer, Ernesto Bodehnheimer, of IBA Latinoamérica, was summoned to teach the Workshop “Appraisal of Assets” at the FIDESEG, a recognized Research, Publication and Teac... View More
The R&G Espinosa’s president, Mr. Ricardo Espinosa is presenting the topic “Insurable Interest” in the "Simposio Internacional de Seguros y Fianzas"
The “Simposio Internacional de Seguros y Fianzas" organized by the Mexican Association of Insurance and Bond (AMASFAC) is taking place on November 5th and 6th in Tijuana, North Baja California,... View More
For the attention provided to our service and for sharing with our strategic partners... EBD wants to thank you. Proud of having presented our proposal for service of excellence that covers... View More
Our Startegic Partner R & G Espinosa International Adjusters, has already activated its Contingency Plan for the strongest hurricane on record . He has alrea... View More
EBD, giving special attention to generating work space and Networking for FIDES participants and especially to their valued clients, has an agreement with Café Torres to give them a space, with ... View More
We give you the warmest welcome and we invite you to work with us in order to consolidate this alliance, which we are sure that will benefit all the insurance and reinsurance industry. As an ... View More
The 3 strategic partners of EBD Loss Adjusters Alliance are meeting clients from the insurance and reinsurance industry during the days of October 25th, 26th, 27th and 28th, 2015 at the Hotel W. ... View More
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