DUHALDE just performed its 2015 assessment and balance sheet projecting a great year in 2016. We expect great and significant challenges!

Having a view of continuous improvement to satisfy our national and international clients, we have performed our annual balance sheet, which motivates us and pleases us with respect to the challenges overcome and also encourages us with respect to new challenges for the year 2016.

We are posed to overcome large goals such as advancing our system of information to clients, which we perfect on a day-to-day basis; continually improve the indicators of response time, follow the path of delivering greater systematic tools and training for our team of professionals; y, of course, be able to measure our management indicators.

We are grateful to our clients for their trust, the constant relationship that joins us fills us with energy for the year 2016 and according to our commitment to you this is the reason why our 2016 shall go in the line of continuing with good service and constantly evaluate our processes and system to continue improving for you.

In conclusion, DUHALDE and its team of Professionals shall continue “delivering its best” this year and attending to each one of requirements of its clients.
This year we celebrate together with you and our partners five years of life as a company. However, the majority of our team has 15 or more years of experience in the insurer market, we are proud of our track record of our company, have national and international experience, being part of the Latin American global network through “EBD Alliance".
So, this shall be a year of celebration and pleasure, “a job well done and “a "passion for what we do” that are part of our DNA.