Article written by the engineer Bodenheimer of IBA Latinoamérica

This is the question that I asked myself when I began my work in the field of Damage Assessment/Adjustment of claims many years ago says the Engineer Ernesto Bodenheimer.

At that time I saw persons without specific training, but with a lot of experience, attend to claims in various lines, among them, from cases of transport to Banking Risks, from claims from fire to Civil Responsibility and from cases of guarantee insurance to Medical Malpractice.

In my case, upon having specific professional training, it was difficult to understand and I asked myself how they could do their jobs well.

Many of the Damage Assessors/Adjustors came from working in Insurance Companies, Reinsurance Companies with specific experience in the knowledge of policies, their texts and coverages, others were professionals, who faced this profession, some facing it because of family ties and others because of their vocation to learn the profession.

One of the particularities that was noted is that many times the cases are handled without specialists, for example, a fire at an industrial facility was attended to by an adjuster with some specific helpers for work such as removal, an Expert Firefighter for the cause of the incident and only in cases of optional risks or cases with real complexity, an specialized advisor, which generally knew about the specialty and not the Insurance/incidents.

From the experiences with large international Reinsurers/Adjusters, one could see the efficiency of the specific specialists, which general belonged to their Staff.

This was not the same as having an Adjuster with enormous experience and track record attend to a civil works case that a Claims Adjuster who is an engineer or a Master Builder of works or that an merchandise incident or Loss of Benefits, the adjuster was an accountant, which in the case of Civil Responsibility is attended to by an attorney and for the case of agriculture, was an agronomist.

The passing of years and technological advancements, plus the sophistication of the policies with greater coverages brought with it demands for a greater quality of service, greater depth of specific knowledge and the same Insurers were required to discuss with persons with specific knowledge of their themes.

And I, as an Adjuster, saw the evolution of our activity over the past 25 years, states the Engineer Bodenheimer. The demand for specialists on the Staffs of the adjuster grew over time, including that the Adjusters/Reinsurers begin to provide intervention to professionals by specialization and available technical equipment. Specific external experts began to be used such as specialized Attorneys, forensic science in the different lines, Accountants, Engineers, up to accidentology, fires, investigators, physicians, veterinarians, agronomists, etc. football news

We understand that this advancement in specialization brought with it a greater professional, level in the adjustments, which continue to be based on Adjusters/experts with experience, but with specific Know How by risk and with external support from specialists, which most of the time are designated by our mandators and others by mutual agreement between the parties.

We see that we have support from specialists to solve cases that grow each day more important and necessary and this brings with it the need to know the different experts in the world, form alliances between Adjusters in accordance with the needs, typology and norms of each country so that in this manner provide better service. It is in this manner that IBA Latinoamérica, together with its allies in the global Latin American network EBD Alliance, following these guidelines. Various specific examples can be given, the engineer for the IBA states.

In our country, Argentina, we have among other lines, excellent experts in the agricultural/veterinary and engineering lines. Another example is our colleagues of DUHALDE in Chile, who support us, among others, in mining, agricultural, forestry incidents and catastrophes. Also, our colleagues of the office of R&G Espinosa en Miami are also a great complement in state of the art Know How and financial lines or Mexico also in catastrophes, the steel industry and use of drones for the verification of the risks and with all of the offices, cases of Civil Responsibility, manufactured in a country and sold in another.

In conclusion, the Engineer Ernesto Bodenheimer is convinced that the Multifaceted Adjuster is making way for Adjusters with experience per line, with the support of specific specialists.