Juan Pablo tells us about a claim served by his company that reflects the experience of his team.
Interview with Juan Pablo Duhalde, manager DUHALDE PROFESSIONAL LOSS ADJUSTERS.

The challenges that confront the professionals of Duhalde on a daily basis, where one must deal with complex claims and empathize with the various actors involved are served with passion for our team, says Juan Pablo. “It calms me to have a team of professionals with extensive experience in the insurance industry and great commitment to do things well”.
“From our beginnings we have had to serve complex and relevant cases such as, for example, the flooding in a Hydroelectric Power Plant; the business interruption at a plant that produces cement or the fall of a worker from the heights who became paraplegic”, Juan Pablo comments.

Can you tell us about at least one of these cases?
“Of course. In the case of the flooding in the Hydroelectric Power Plant installed in the South of Chile, the project considered the generation of energy, so that through the natural force of falling water the turbines turn, obtaining electrical energy.
As a consequence of the increased flow of the river, the generation units of the Hydroelectric Power Plant under construction were affected, as a result of a water leak in the machine house. transfer news
The water level in both the Access channel as well as the discharge cannel increased, causing the entry of water into the machine house, which affected all of the electro-mechanical installations, cables and instrumentation, causing damages to the recently installed equipment.
The work of our professionals, together with specialized partners allowed us to clearly determine the damages and the replacement parts that were affected, the delays and problems in the sending and receiving of the components.

With this job, in DUHALDE we were able to effectively determine the losses of the physical properties and clearly identify the progress of the project “without incidents” on the date of the loss. The “in situ” follow-up allowed us to project the date in which progress would be reached again and properly determine the time associated to ALOP”.


Finally, we want to say that in this year 2016 we are very happy celebrating our first 5 years as a company. While our team has professionals with more than 15 years of experience in insurance, it is a reason for pride to be able to celebrate the road that we have travelled together. Every day we add new experiences, which we systematically share with our allies throughout Latin America with the EBD Loss Adjusters Alliance. This allows us to have a global vision of the industry”.