Luis Rodríguez tells us about his experience as an Manager in the legal area of "DUHALDE Professional Loss Adjusters"

Throughout these five years that our Area within DUHALDE has been functioning, we have had to attend to a limitless number of claims of the most varied gamma; from the breakage of piping that affects third persons, going through many cases of contamination, work accidents and transit accidents, up to all risk construction claims, perhaps the most complicated from a technical point of view, thus, for their attention, it is not sufficient to have the specific knowledge of an adjuster of the Civil Responsibility line, and for the training of a negotiator, unless the putting together of multidisciplinary teams made up by engineers, builders, etc. that allow for our attorneys, prior to the negotiation, a complete and reliable investigation of the root cause of the damage is so required.

It is in this manner that a while ago we had to attend to a claim in which, during the excavation Works of an insured construction Project, there was a landslide from a neighboring property to the work, which finally ended affecting the integrity of the real property in its totality (with an estimated loss of UF 18,000).

As soon as we were assigned the case, we immediately formed a team made up of attorneys, civil engineers in civil and construction works, which were transported into the field with the purpose of:
a) investigate the cause of the damages (in charge of the engineers and builders) and
b) perform the containment works with affected third persons with the purpose of avoiding that, in the future, judicial actions are not filed against the Insured.

In this manner, together with the information provided to us by the Work Administrator (soil mechanics report, work agreement, shoring Project, etc.) one can conclude that the cause was incurred by an error in the shoring Project security means which, added to the fact that the policy contemplated shielding for this type of conduct, allowed us to request from the Company from the corresponding transactional authority and, having it, close an agreement with the owner of the affected real property, avoiding in this manner, the filing of judicial actions and, with this, an aggravation of the loss together with paralyzation of the work.

This is only one case within many to which we have attended. It is in this manner how our company DUHALDE contributes to our EBD Alliance from expert professional service with a multidisciplinary team for the analysis and resolution of each case.